Meeting Betty Dodson!

"This fuckless country!," exclaimed an exasperated Betty Dodson, PhD. Dodson, a still-active pioneer of the sexual revolution in the 60s, was a keynote speaker at Widener University's student run Careers in Human Sexuality Conference today in Chester, PA, outside of Philadelphia. This unabashed, "doesn't look like she's 85," 85 year old sex kitten brought the house down with her passion for the power and necessity of sex in our culture using more than a few raucous four letter words in the process.

Talking on topics ranging from the importance of clitoral stimulation in the orgasms of women to the primacy of childhood masturbation as a foundation of healthy adult sexuality, Dodson was emphatic that sex is something that can and should save this country. Despite some of the social and cultural changes that have taken place, she believes (rightfully so, in my opinion) that America still suffers from repressed and suppressed sex expression and pleasure. She has a long history of fighting for sexual freedom and power dating back to the 50s and 60s. Whether she was publishing her artwork of the female vulva or holding how-to workshops for women and vibrators, she has pushed the envelope for much of her life and continues to do so today.  

While Dodson was the highlight of the conference for me (and many others), many other talented professionals presented on such topics as Sex-Positive Therapy with Kinky Clients by Michael Aaron, PhD., Demystifying Sexuality and the Impact of Trauma by Latisha Webb, BS, MHS, EdD,  Mindfulness-Based Interventions in Clinical Practices with Jenny Sandler and Cori Grachek, LCSW, and many more. The conference focuses mostly on issues related to human sexuality, sex therapy, sexual education, psychotherapy, social work, and more. Despite the rain dampening the mood outside, the energy from the conference was inspiring.

Betty got real chummy when she saw how tall I was. First time that I can remember being objectified by an 85-year-old women! :0)

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