Even in this day and age, coming out as gay, bisexual, or queer can be fraught with a variety of different challenges and difficulties. This groups hopes to provide a space for adult (18+) men to process their own thoughts, feelings, experiences related to sexual orientation with others going through a similar process.

Some of the things that we might explore would be:

-      Identifying and clarifying different sexual orientations

-      Thoughts/feelings about identifying one’s sexual orientation in a particular way

-      Reducing shame/internalized stigma associated with one’s sexual orientation

-      Coping skills to help deal with feelings of anxiety or depression

-      Developing a supportive social network

-      What coming out might look like, if you feel that is right for you

-      Developing a positive sense of self related to one’s sexual orientation

-      Navigating the dating world

The group will consist of 6-8 men (ages 18+) who are looking to talk about, understand, and become more comfortable with their sexual orientation. We will meet for an on-going basis on Tuesday nights from 6:30-8:00pm. The start date of the group will be clearer when at least five members are able to start the group. From there, a maximum of eight people will be in the group depending on if and when new members would like to join. The fee will be $60 per session and the meetings will take place at 1845 Walnut St, Suite 653.

If you are interested or you have questions, please call me at 267.225.5605 or email me at I offer a free individual consultation to help see whether or not group would be a good fit for you.

1845 Walnut St, Suite 653, Philadelphia, PA 19103 267.225.5605