About Me

The main reason I created this website is because I love what I do. Therapy and education are two powerful ways to help people examine their lives and change them for the better, if they deem it necessary. However, the audience is limited to those in therapy or in educational settings. Social media and the internet provide a perfect venue to get information out to those seeking it. 

There is a massive amount of useful, practical information out there in the form of scientific research articles that is really only accessible to people who have the background to understand it. This site aims to bring fascinating, exciting, sometimes controversial information about sex and psychology to the masses for public consumption. Social media is an incredibly useful tool for discourse on these topics and it brings them out of academia and into the real world to chew them over and determine if they are helpful enough to understand people and practical enough to be usable. 

Who am I? 

My name is Kyle Schultz, Psy.D, M.Ed and I am a licensed psychologist and educator. Those letters after my name mean I have a doctorate in clinical psychology (Psy.D) and a master of education in human sexuality (M.Ed.), both of which I obtained from Widener University. I work in my own private practice seeing individuals about issues related to sexuality, relationships, depression, anxiety, and eating disorders. I am also a full-time Lecturer at the University of Pennsylvania's Professional Counseling Services programs. I teach in the areas of counseling interventions, advanced ethics, sociocultural issues in counseling, basic counseling skills, human sexuality, and career counseling. I have worked as a therapist, educator, and lecturer in various settings with a diverse array of people for over 11 years. See my Services tab on the left for more specifics about the professional services I offer.  

DISCLAIMER: This site conveys many facts and also my views and opinions as well. All content on this site is not meant to express the views or opinions of anyone else but me, unless explicitly stated. Additionally, this site is not meant to serve as a replacement for mental health treatment. If you are having trouble, please contact me to set up an appointment or consultation


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