I currently teach full-time at the University of Pennsylvania's Masters in School and Mental Health Counseling, housed in their Graduate School of Education. I have also taught part-time at Widener University and Saint Joseph's University, all in the Philadelphia area. I have taught introduction to psychology, introduction to human sexuality, abnormal psychology, counseling and psychotherapy, the psychology of gender, psychotherapy interventions, advanced ethics, sociocultural issues, a first-year practicum prep class, and a practicum seminar for first year counselors. I have particular interest in teaching/lecturing on basic counseling skills, psychotherapy interventions and research, and LGBT topics. I also provide lectures and workshops in the broad areas of sexuality and psychology/psychotherapy. My most recent public engagements were reading and discussing a paper I wrote on running into patients outside of treatment and what it means to live and work in a cultural fishbowl (the LGBTQ+ community), a panel discussion the pros and cons of seeking a doctoral degree in mental health work, serving as a panel discussant on treatment options for people with eating disorders at Saint Joseph's University, and a workshop titled, "The Gender Spectrum and Family Therapy" at the Council for Relationships.

If you are interested in discussing workshop or lecture ideas on issues related to sexuality and psychotherapy, please contact me at 267.225.5605 or email me at drkyleschultz@gmail.com

1845 Walnut St, Suite 653, Philadelphia, PA 19103 drkyleschultz@gmail.com 267.225.5605